Shadi S. Atallah

Shadi S. Atallah is an assistant professor in the Department of Natural Resources and the Environment at the University of New Hampshire, where he has taught since 2015. Dr. Atallah’s research encompasses agricultural, resource, and environmental economics, and he specializes in bioeconomics, the study of the economic management of biological resources. He recently started a collaboration with universities in Ecuador, Colombia, and France to research biodiversity and ecosystem services in the tropical Andes. It is through this collaboration, LMI BIO-INCA, that he met Jake’s mentor in Ecuador, Rommel Montúfar. One of their areas of interest is the ivory palm, which became the focus of Jake’s summer research. “Through Jake’s research, I now have an assessment of the relative importance of economic uses to noneconomic uses of the tagua palm,” Dr. Atallah said. “This information is critical for me before I embark on assessing the resource and its use from an economic perspective.”