Jennifer Andrews

Jennifer Andrews is a project director of the UNH Sustainability Institute. She’s been employed at UNH since 2014, and her role is to coordinate UNH’s efforts to set and achieve goals around climate change, zero waste, and other sustainability challenges, and to share the University’s learnings in support of other organizations around the region. When Chloe Gross approached her about being a mentor, they jumped on a food-waste-focused study together. Andrews has mentored other students in applied research projects in the past, but Chloe is her first Inquiry author mentee. She is grateful for Chloe’s constant practical and action-focused mindset for the duration of the project, and for the valuable data Chloe collected despite the slow pace of the research process and the obstacles presented by the pandemic. Andrews’s experience is that the work of sustainability demands inclusive and effective community engagement, and she therefore believes that students writing for Inquiry must be able to cater to a range of audiences; this in itself builds community.