Jackie Abell and Emma Dunston

Jackie Abell is the director of research for the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) in Zimbabwe and in Zambia. Dr. Abell is also a reader in psychology at Coventry University in the United Kingdom. Her research and teaching focus is on ex-situ reintroduction, lion conservation, social and conservation psychology, and qualitative and quantitative methods, including social network analysis. Dr. Abell has mentored undergraduate researchers many times over the past twenty years, and she supervised Dr. Emma Dunston as Courtney’s co-mentor in Zambia.

Emma Dunston is acurrent casual lecturer and casual research technician in animal behavior and welfare at Charles Sturt University in Australia. She is especially interested in studying social behavior and individual personality in animals. In any work she undertakes, Dr. Dunston wishes to make an impact on the management and conservation of the species she works with. At the time of Courtney’s research, Dr. Dunston was the principal researcher of the Dambwa Release Pride at the African Lion and Environmental research Trust (ALERT), and supervised interns from around the world. Courtney’s project was based on an article previously published by Dr. Dunston in the Journal of Ethology. As Courtney’s mentor, she supervised data collection in the field, and data analysis.