Moira Wright


Moira Adele Dionne Mullin Wright absolutely hates filling out legal documents and bubbling in scantrons because of her three middle names. Somethings she does like are reading and writing, which led to her double major of English literature and classics. Originally from Berwick, Maine Moira decided to attend the University of New Hampshire due to the generous scholarship money she received. She also likes the many opportunities that come from attending a medium-sized university, including funded research and the University Honors Program, of which she is a member. This past summer, Moira participated in a Research Experience and Apprenticeship Program (REAP) with Dr. Sean Moore from the UNH English department, in which she did research at the Massachusetts Historical Society and the Boston Athenæum. Dr. Moore was interested in contributions of the slave trade to the advancement of libraries and the American consumption of books printed in London. Moira explained that “We looked at popular books, mostly fiction, because we wanted to see how people felt about literature in general during that time period.” After graduation in 2016, Moira aspires to work in the publishing industry and plans on pursuing a master’s of science degree in publishing, ideally at New York University. Once established in the field, Moira plans to open her own publishing firm. She joined the Inquiry student editorial board this, her sophomore year, to get some editing experience. When not working on research or preparing for her next Greek class, she enjoys knitting, especially with the Irish wool she picked up during her transatlantic travels this summer.