Gwyneth Welch


Who else but Gwyneth Welch would choose to describe her experience at the University of New Hampshire as a “buffet of awesomeness”? A native of the small New Hampshire town of Hancock, Gwyneth backpacked across Europe and participated in World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms (WWOOF) before coming to UNH to study neuroscience. In addition to being a member of the University Honors Program, she is currently conducting her own research in two campus labs: in one she is studying histone modifications in response to DNA double-stranded breaks, and in the other attentional set shifting in adolescent rats. She expects to graduate in 2016, and is contemplating going on for an advanced degree. Her ultimate goal is to integrate clinical research and medicine in neurobiology, particularly neurodegenerative diseases. This is Gwyneth’s first year participating in Inquiry. She joined the student editorial board because she wanted to get more involved with undergraduate research and to gain a better understanding of how research is transformed into a publishable paper. In her free time, Gwyneth plays the violin, rocks out to disco and 1980's new wave music, and participates in triathlons.