Clia Goodwin

Assistant editor Clia Goodwin, who earned her doctorate in comparative literature from the University of Illinois, had, she says, a “checkered career.” She has held such varied and interesting jobs as a question editor for Trivial Pursuit games and as a teacher of critical analysis at the University of New Hampshire. She also worked at UNH recently as the editorial assistant for the Journal of Geophysical Research-Space Physics. However, she has since settled into freelance copyediting, and, as a scholar for the New Hampshire Humanities Council she lectures and facilitates book discussions in public libraries. She joined Inquiry in the fall of 2010 because she enjoys working with students to help them improve their writing. Originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr. Goodwin lives in Dover, New Hampshire, with her husband. She enjoys studying medieval literature, singing, and gardening. She is eager to see where her path will lead her in the future.