Benjamin Bertrand


History student, karate enthusiast, actor—Benjamin Bertrand does it all. Originally from Wakefield, Massachusetts this senior honors student came to the University of New Hampshire to pursue his passion for medieval history. Before he even started classes, he identified Professor David Bachrach as a scholar he wanted to know because of Dr. Bachrach’s study of medieval history, a particular interest of Ben’s. He is now writing his senior thesis with Dr. Bachrach, for which he studied a number of manuscripts from the Middle Ages in Europe, examining depictions of Muslims. Studying weaponry, however, is still a major interest for him. Ben will graduate in May with a bachelor of arts in history with minors in classics and political science. Any free time he has, he spends practicing martial arts such as Shotokan Karate and stick-fighting, and has performed in theatre productions with the Mask and Dagger Dramatic Society. Ben joined the Inquiry student editorial board in order to learn more about the research that goes on at UNH. After graduation, Ben is considering graduate school in history but may take some time first to work as a paralegal.