Elizabeth Barker

She may not be a native of the Granite State, but Elizabeth Barker is no stranger to the area. Born in nearby Eliot, Maine, her love for the University of New Hampshire began at a young age when she was introduced to the University by her mother, a staff member. Once here, her hard work on campus has given UNH every reason to love her back. She is a highly motivated sophomore with a double major in English and political science and is a member of the University Honors Program. As a research assistant for Colonel Lionel Ingram, one of her political science professors, she researches notable political events and edits lecture notes for his classes. She joined Inquiry to improve both her knowledge of the research process and her editing skills. While Lizzy plans on completing her undergraduate degree in 2014, she will be spending an additional year at UNH for a master's degree in teaching. She hopes then to teach at the high school level in one of her two disciplines. In addition to being active last year in Student Senate, in the coming year she hopes to join the College Democrats. When she is not exercising her mind, she is exercising her body rock climbing and playing soccer.