Elisabeth Wise


Elisabeth Wise, a biomedical science and veterinary sciences major from Eldersburg, Maryland has a passion both for big cats and for wildlife conservation. These passions have led her to seek a career as a wildlife veterinarian, with a specialty in animal ophthalmology. Elisabeth was drawn to her research project in part by her desire to expand her comfort zone and gain a new perspective on field research before applying for veterinary school. She traveled to Namibia with the support of an International Research Opportunities Program (IROP) grant through the Hamel Center at the University of New Hampshire. Elisabeth describes the research as “addicting” and says the “real accomplishment was finding more questions and new ideas on how to further investigate” her topic. One challenge was learning that actual research in the field is always different from expectations during the planning stage. However, with the strong support system that Elisabeth developed in Africa, she had a highly satisfactory experience. “For me,” Elisabeth says, “the sky is the limit in what I plan to accomplish in my life.” Elisabeth will graduate from UNH in May 2017.