Sarah Elizabeth Waleryszak


Sarah Elizabeth Waleryszak, from Newmarket, New Hampshire, is a nutritional sciences major who will graduate in May 2023. Besides conducting her own research, Sarah also serves as a research assistant for the College Health and Nutrition Assessment Survey (CHANAS). During spring 2021, Sarah began researching the difference in rates of food insecurity prior to and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sarah specifically wanted to investigate the barriers students faced with campus resources and food security. She said that the overall research process went smoothly, including learning how to apply for a research grant, obtaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, transcribing data from focus groups, and finally publishing her research. Sarah decided to submit to Inquiry because it gave her an opportunity to educate and share her findings with a greater audience, while also discussing areas of improvement for addressing food insecurity in our community. With her research Sarah hopes she will be able to bring a new perspective to the way we assist those who are experiencing food insecurity. After graduation Sarah hopes to continue her education to become a physician assistant and conduct clinical research.