Niki Toy-Caron

niki toy-caron

Niki Toy-Caron graduated in May 2019, summa cum laude, from the University of New Hampshire at Manchester (UNHM), with a bachelor of arts degree in history. Niki is from Milton Mills, New Hampshire. She completed her degree while raising her five children as a single parent. Her research was done for her senior colloquium, and in addition to writing this research paper, she presented it at the UNH Manchester Undergraduate Research Conference in 2019. Her research topic germinated with a paper on the headdresses worn by Anne Boleyn and Catherine written in a class about Henry VIII. By conducting her research, Niki discovered that she loves digging for new information, but that deciding what information to include in her research is challenging. She says that weeding through disinformation is disheartening, but because she discovered the lack of information on the subject of fashion history, she has been considering more research on the subject. Niki hopes to someday work in a museum, preferably focusing on clothing or fabrics.