Vladimir Tkachev


Vladimir Tkachev is a senior and an international student at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) from Vladivostok, Russia. In May 2022, he will graduate with a bachelor of science degree in neuroscience and behavior and a minor in biomedical sciences. He is a member of the National Honor Society in Neuroscience. Dr. Arturo Andrade, a former neuroscience professor at UNH and Vlad’s research mentor, assigned Vlad the research project that led him to the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF). This ten-week program was a brilliant opportunity for Vlad to gain hands-on experience in his field. Through the duration of this project last summer, Vlad learned more about nerve cells and the importance of using electrophysiology in his field. He found the process of research incredibly humbling, as it involved a great amount of patience, resilience, and persistence, especially when several things didn’t go as planned. For these ten weeks, Vlad felt fully devoted to the research study, which he enjoyed immensely and claims wouldn’t have been possible without Dr. Andrade. Vlad enjoys writing about science, and, thanks to Inquiry, the knowledge he shares will educate the general audience on a significant area of neuroscience. Vlad’s goal is to earn his PhD and become a researcher in neuroscience. He has no doubt of his passion for research and knows this is only the beginning of an exciting journey.