Sasa Tang


As a current member of the Peace Corps in Morocco, University of New Hampshire alumna Sasa Tang (’11) is a veteran traveler now, but that was not always the case. In 2009, Sasa applied for an International Research Opportunities Program (IROP) grant to explore her interest in Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs) while conducting research for her thesis in Tanzania. As a political science and international affairs major, Sasa was interested in experiencing another culture "on the ground." When the native of Lee, New Hampshire, arrived in her new African home, adjustment was difficult. Sasa felt unprepared for the living conditions in Tanzania and was quickly forced to learn a range of new skills, including living "on Africa time" and cooking meals, in order to thrive in her new location. Looking back on the experience, Sasa is proud of her ability to provide for herself independently. Although Sasa's focus has moved away from NGO work, she continues to be interested in international relations and in seeking new challenges. With encouragement from her former UNH adviser, she chose to submit a commentary to Inquiry and says that the writing process has boosted her self-confidence.  Sasa recently got a job in Morocco which will allow her to continue working with women and girls in development once her Peace Corps commitment is over.  She will stay in Morocco for one more year and take Arabic classes on the side.