Tyler Stetson


Tyler S. Stetson is from Bradford, New Hampshire, and will graduate in fall 2021 with a bachelor of science degree in neuroscience and behavior and a minor in psychology. He completed his research with funding from a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) and a Research Presentation Grant. His interest in medical computer-mediated communication came from firsthand experience of loved ones feeling overlooked by their healthcare providers. He hoped to find ways for healthcare professionals to communicate more effectively and build trust with their patients. This project propelled Tyler’s understanding of the science behind communication and the challenges of working with human subjects. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tyler had to adapt the original study to a virtual infrastructure and learn new tools, including computer programming. He decided to contribute to Inquiry to share the findings of his research to help the public and physicians communicate more efficiently. After graduating, Tyler plans to take a gap year to complete volunteer work in the medical field before applying to medical schools. His undergraduate research experience has provided him with strong communication skills that will be useful as he continues in his career as a physician and scientist.