Ryan Saputo


Ryan Saputo, from Westbrook, Connecticut, is a senior at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) pursuing a dual degree in history and classics. As a student in the University Honors Program he began working with his mentor, Professor David Bachrach, through a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF), on which he based his honors thesis. Through this project, he learned a great deal about Byzantine-Crusader interactions, specifically focusing on diplomatic and military incidents between the two sides during the first three Crusades. His research was conducted in the UNH library, where he analyzed a number of primary sources. These sources allowed him to learn about the people who lived through the Crusades directly from their personal experiences. He decided to submit this article to Inquiry after being contacted by our editors. After graduating with his bachelor of arts degree in spring 2022, Ryan will continue in the accelerated master’s program in history at UNH and later plans to pursue a Ph.D. in history. He is grateful that Inquiry has given him the opportunity to produce a published research article, as this achievement will demonstrate his research skills to graduate schools, bringing him closer to achieving his professional goals.