Annelise Papinsick


Annelise Papinsick, from Bow, New Hampshire, came to the University of New Hampshire to major in music performance and humanities. She is enrolled in the University Honors Program. When asked what brought her to her Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) project, Annelise said, “A lifetime of piano studies and teachers who enjoyed bringing interesting repertoire and unique opportunities to me.” That lifetime of piano studies and the SURF project have given her a deep appreciation of Dianne Rahbee’s work and a desire to make Rahbee more widely known to piano teachers. Because of Annelise’s love of research in general and of writing and teaching in particular, she found the project to be fun and “almost like practicing for my goals in life.” She saw writing for Inquiry as a way to get her research out into the world, especially since the arts are sometimes so underrepresented. Annelise is also preparing a paper to be published in an academic musicology journal. She is well on her way to a career as a researcher of musicology and teacher of music, starting first with graduate studies after she earns two bachelor’s degrees in 2021: a B.M. in music performance and B.A. in humanities.