Rory O'Neil


Rory O’Neil came to the University of New Hampshire (UNH) from her hometown of Nashua, New Hampshire to major in political science and international affairs, with minors in security studies and Middle Eastern studies. She is a member of the University Honors Program and will graduate in 2020. A Research Experience and Apprenticeship Program (REAP) grant awarded the summer after her first year at UNH and an interest in Middle Eastern conflict and public health enabled Rory to work with her mentor, Jeannie Sowers, on her study of the conflict in Yemen. Rory learned not only about the everyday struggles of people in conflict zones, but also invaluable lessons about conducting research in humanities fields. “Much of what is uncovered is interconnected and hard to untangle,” she explains, but she found the endeavor incredibly rewarding. Rory decided to write for Inquiry as a way to culminate her research and document the work she had done. After graduation, Rory plans to work in a government agency or think tank related to foreign policy, with a specific interest in Middle Eastern relations, or possibly work in the international aid and development sector.