Johanne Nichols


Johanne Nichols is a finance and economics major from Concord, New Hampshire. She is in the University Honors Program, the Alpha Kappa Psi coed business fraternity, and Paul College’s Atkins Investment Group. She expects to graduate in May 2024. Johanne designed her project for the Research Apprenticeship and Experience Program (REAP) after seeing neighbors—especially women—quit their jobs to take care of their young children whose schooling became remote due to the pandemic. Researching during the 2020 pandemic went well because it was largely literature based, but it also taught her “the importance of communication and seeking additional clarification when needed.” Johanne says that through the research process she learned about the importance of first drafts, as well as of seeking mentorship. She also learned how social expectations of women can hold them back and lead to many women having to go above and beyond in every aspect of their life. Johanne’s career goals are to continue researching the impact that policy can have on society as well as the economy. She knows that the experience of revising her op-ed through a series of drafts was a learning experience that will transfer over well to graduate school.