Bri McGrath


Bri McGrath, from Wakefield, Rhode Island, decided to enter the field of nursing because of its “tremendous ability to break the barriers we use to separate ourselves.” She points out that most people need health care in their lifetimes, and she is inspired to be “a care provider when patients are in their most vulnerable states.” Bri came to the University of New Hampshire with the goal of participating in its undergraduate research opportunities. Dr. Harkless supported her interest in global health and health care accessibility by connecting her with Lynda Toussaint, CEO of Unjani Clinics NPC in South Africa. Bri learned an incredible amount not only about healthcare policy but also about individualized and culturally competent patient care from each nurse she interviewed. She decided to publish in Inquiry to share her belief in the importance of her research. After graduating in May 2020 with Honors in Major and a bachelor of science degree in nursing, Bri plans to practice nursing before attending graduate school to study public health and health policy. She says that her research experience “deepened my respect for nursing as a profession” and “has given me the experience and resources to move forward in pursuing a career in global health.”