C. Jamie Mater


Los Angeles native Jamie Mater will graduate in spring 2022 with a bachelor of arts in psychology and a minor in linguistics. Their research, which was funded by a 2021 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) through the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research, was driven by their passion and experiences surrounding the troubled teen industry. For Jamie, this was more than just a research project; it was a way of confronting the pain of their own experiences in a healthy way, while also shedding light on all the issues within the troubled teen industry. Through their interviews, Jamie was able to create a space where survivors could share their stories and Jamie could document the collective feelings and experiences they all still carry with them to this day. This research was the first step in a larger body of research that Jamie hopes to do after getting their PhD. Jamie hopes to identify problems within mental health treatment and to find more effective ways of addressing mental health issues.