Jennie Marinucci


Jennie Lynn Marinucci has a palpable passion for the human experience within the healthcarefield. As a biomedical science major, Jennie gained an interest in anthropology after taking amedical anthropology class with her mentor, Dr. Natalie Porter. Medical anthropology seemed tobe what the Norwood, MA native had been searching for, as it merged her passion for healthcareand patient experience into one. The surging desire to explore medical anthropology, along with encouragement from Dr. Porter and Professor Georgeann Murphy, pushed her to apply for an International Research Opportunities Program (IROP) grant. Travelling to Thailand allowed Jennie to explore her interests in a different country and understand how the Thai healthcare system differs from the American system. She states, “my research was defined by the amazing people I met along the way, and their willingness to help me . . . learn, and to ensure I experienced their country to the fullest.” A member of the University Honors Program, Jennie will graduate in May 2016 with a bachelor of science in biomedical science. After graduation, Jennie will attend dental school where she will become a doctor of dental medicine (DMD).