Julian Maduro


Julian Maduro, from Greenland, New Hampshire, double majored in English and justice studies. She graduated from UNH in May 2021 with a bachelor of arts degree. During her time at UNH, Julian was an Honors Program student, part of the UNH COLA Navigators, and a McNair Scholar. In the McNair Scholars Program, Julian first performed research on the importance of multicultural children’s literature. She then expanded on that research with the project discussed in her Inquiry article, focusing on the diversity of modern high school reading lists. In the process, she found that many teachers today struggle to engage students in reading, but with more modern and diverse texts provided, this could be facilitated. The hardest part of this project was sifting through and analyzing data from nearly 100 survey respondents. However, Julian enjoyed seeing the results of her qualitative analysis which revealed statistical differences between the lists of texts reviewed by teachers. As a UNH alum, Julian chose to publish her work in Inquiry because she feels that local readers will be most impacted by her results. She hopes to work within the field of prison reform and explained that her McNair research significantly aided in her understanding of this sliver of inequity that exists in society. Julian plans to pursue graduate school to earn a master’s degree in social work and is determined to help transform this inequality.