Dena Hoffman


Dena Hoffman, from Hudson, New Hampshire, graduated from the University of New Hampshire in December 2019 with a bachelor of science degree in environmental sciences: ecosystems. She conducted her research as part of her honors thesis for the University Honors Program. Her research journey began in the fall of 2018 when she asked Dr. John Aber if he knew of any research opportunities and he invited her to join his work on composting. Dena’s learning from the research process included the useful skill of being creative in finding information. She explains, “I never thought that I would interview a farm manager to learn about composting rather than just looking up information on a database.” Dena was particularly satisfied by presenting her research at UNH’s 2019 Undergraduate Research Conference. “If given the opportunity I would do it all again,” she says. She decided to publish with Inquiry to learn about the editing process and because she’s proud of the work she’s done with Dr. Aber and thought Inquiry would be a great way to show it to the world. She looks forward to a future helping to preserve our environment and educating people about doing their part. She is open to the many possibilities in this field, from teaching at the college level to working in water quality or natural disaster relief. Whatever lies ahead, Dena knows that the skills she gained through this project will help her in the future.