Lily Harris

lily harris

Lily Harris’s diverse interests and ambitions are represented in her work at the University of New Hampshire. She is an environmental and resource economics major, chemistry minor, premedical track, and member of the Honors in Major program at UNH. In 2016 she completed a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) project under the mentorship of Dr. John Halstead. She had previously worked with Dr. Halstead and his graduate students on research related to local agriculture and was so interested in the topic she decided to pursue it further. Through her SURF project, she applied her classroom knowledge to a real, tangible result. In doing so, she built skills that will be beneficial in any future work: interpersonal and interviewing, problem solving, troubleshooting, and grant writing. Lily feels that her decision to publish in Inquiry led to valuable experience preparing a professional article, which will benefit in her eventual application to medical school. Lily is from Amherst, Massachusetts. She will graduate from UNH in May 2018.