Peter Haber


Peter Haber came to the University of New Hampshire from his hometown of Raymond, New Hampshire, and will graduate in May 2021 with a bachelor of science degree in Earth sciences and a minor in art history. He is enrolled in the McNair Scholars Program and is working toward graduating with an Honors in Major designation. The research on which his article is based was completed mainly as part of a McNair summer research fellowship. His academic adviser, Joe Licciardi, encouraged him to pursue research work with Dr. Will Clyde, who often mentors undergraduates. Peter says that in addition to gaining technical skills in interpreting data and deeper knowledge about subjects such as magnetostratigraphy, his research enabled him to see the full process of research, including presenting results and writing about his research. He has enjoyed learning to write about his field of study for those who do not have a background in geology. After earning his bachelor’s degree, Peter plans to attend graduate school for further study in the field of geoscience.