Chloe Gross


Chloe Gross is a sophomore from Deerfield, New Hampshire, majoring in environmental conservation and sustainability. She’s a proud Honors student, a Hamel Scholar, and a member of Phi Sigma Biological Honor Society. Through the Research Experience and Apprenticeship Program (REAP), Chloe learned how rewarding it is to work with organizations and municipalities in furthering community sustainability goals, despite how time consuming the research process can be. Performing research remotely due to the pandemic made work less personal, but close collaboration with the Regional Compost Working Group proved valuable and encouraging. She enjoyed analyzing data and presenting conclusions to inform actionable recommendations. Chloe considers her research important and relevant to the local community and wants to raise community awareness of food waste and diversion practices. She plans to attend graduate school and hopes to work in the environmental humanitarian sector, improving people’s lives with nature as part of her toolbox. Chloe is grateful to have gained a fresh perspective on community work and the importance of the research and reporting processes through REAP.