Lina L. Faller


Lina L. Faller is a pragmatist, who loves seeing her skills applied to real life problems. A computer science major from Wakefield, MA, Lina was surprised to discover that as she worked on her honors thesis, even the biology of bacteria could hold her curiosity, if it mattered to the real world. Her work began around a desire to apply her computer science skills to real-life biology questions, forcing Lina to adapt her skills beyond the classroom. She found the process very satisfying, but realized that "with research, you are never done! There is always another question that can be asked." Her dedication and passion for research has paid off for Lina; since graduating with her bachelors of computer science with a bioinformatics option in 2008, she has been building her career as a full-time researcher and is currently working at The Forsyth Institute as a Bioinformatics Analyst. "I wouldn’t have chosen this career path if I hadn’t been exposed to research early on," she explains.