Daniel Faiella

dan faiella

Studio art major and University Honors Program member Daniel Faiella, from Northwood, New Hampshire believes that “in the modern world, many of us feel dislocated from the landscape around us.” He certainly overcame that dislocation the summer after his first year at the University of New Hampshire: He tramped through, across, up, and down forests, streams, mountains, and ravines in search of interesting landscapes to study through painting, just as many of the painters he admires did during their education. Dan’s faculty mentor, Professor Craig Hood, and a Hamel Center Research Experience and Apprenticeship Program (REAP) grant supported his work tackling such complex concepts as color relations and what makes a compelling composition. He decided to write for Inquiry in order to convey some of these concepts to nonpainters and to clarify for himself what he knows about painting. After graduating in May 2019 with a studio art major and guitar performance minor, Dan plans to work professionally both as a painter and as a teacher of painting.