Yusuf Ebrahim

yusuf ebrahim

Yusuf Ebrahim, from Portsmouth, New Hampshire is a member of the University Honors Program majoring in biomedical science and minoring in chemistry and psychology. Yusuf will graduate from the University of New Hampshire in May 2018 and hopes to become a doctor. According to Yusuf, his Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) project allowed him to conduct meaningful research that ties to what he hopes to do as a career. Yusuf has always been interested in science and is particularly intrigued by cell biology. He found the opportunity to study cancer cells to be not only a medically relevant experience but also one that allowed him to practice skills he will need in the future. Yusuf says that he found it incredibly satisfying to run an experiment multiple times and then finally get a result from the trials, especially when the result was different from the expected findings. By submitting to Inquiry, Yusuf hoped to share with others the importance of keeping an open mind while researching and to demystify the research process for readers.