Hannah Drake


Chocolate chip cookie fanatic, Hannah Drake, is presently working on a dual major of English and international affairs, as well as a minor in Spanish. A combination of an interest in yoga and a love of writing fueled her Research Experience Apprenticeship Program (REAP) project. She learned that “research isn’t always test tubes and lab coats; it can be observation, experience, and practice.” Hailing from Nashua, New Hampshire, Hannah lists this project as one of the greatest experiences she’s ever had. She enjoyed posting about her yoga sessions in a blog format that would be read by a wide audience. Her satisfaction with the project has led to her continuation with blogging. After being contacted by a senior editor from Inquiry due to the interesting nature of her research, she determined that the journal was something she wanted to be a part of. Hannah, who will graduate with a bachelor of arts in 2016, is in the University Honors Program and has future career goals of working for a public relations firm, writing for a magazine, or working at a nonprofit. Whatever she ends up doing, it will entail writing.