Carolyn D'Olympio


Carolyn D’Olympio’s hometown is Wakefield, Massachusetts. She came to the University of New Hampshire (UNH) to study occupational therapy, with a concentration in global public health and a minor in studio art. She hopes that her research trip to Ghana was just the beginning of international work as an occupational therapist. She has been involved with student United Nations organizations throughout her undergraduate years and, in the future, she is interested in working internationally to help people who have experienced the traumas of war and displacement. In Ghana, Carolyn found the qualitative research process of in-depth, one-on-one interviews very fulfilling; she learned that “you can communicate and understand another person, regardless of language barrier, as long as you are dedicated to listening.” Carolyn decided to write for Inquiry to educate the public about occupational therapy and to inspire other undergraduates to undertake international research. Carolyn is a member of the University Honors and Honors in Major programs and has enrolled in the accelerated master’s program in occupational therapy at UNH; she will earn her bachelor’s degree in May 2018 and her master’s in 2019.