Christopher DeCarlo


Christopher DeCarlo is a civil engineering major from Chester, New Hampshire. He will graduate in spring 2016 with a bachelor’s of science, and plans to go to graduate school. On the advice of his advisor, Christopher sought a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) grant to pursue this project through the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research. He discovered the possibility of writing an article after the project was complete, and felt Inquiry would be a good experience. He admits, "I rarely get to write anything other than reports, so writing a somewhat open-ended article seemed interesting." Christopher learned a lot from his experience, both about asphalt, and about research in general.  Although Christopher's research journey was also a bit rocky, he learned to roll with the punches. "The research process itself is nowhere near as predictable as I thought,” he explains.  “I couldn't have imagined all of the twists and turns this project took...  As frustrating as they were, I'm glad that they did happen because that was the best experience of the whole project." In the end, Christopher pulled through confusion to success, describing his results as giving him “one of the greatest feelings of accomplishment I've ever had." In the future, Christopher is leaving his options open, but he is interested in agency work, like the New Hampshire Department of Transportation, or the Federal Highway Administration. He feels that his work on this project has directly contributed to these goals.