Corina Danielson


Corina Danielson came to the University of New Hampshire (UNH) from her hometown of Nashua, New Hampshire. She is majoring in wildlife and conservation biology, with a minor in forestry, and will graduate in December 2019. She was awarded a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) to study small mammal seed selection in the Bartlett Experimental Forest under the mentorship of Rebecca Rowe. Corina learned an incredible amount from her research project, even before she stepped foot in the forest, from researching tools needed to making seed trays in a carpenter’s workshop to testing camera mount setups. Despite dealing with swarms of mosquitoes and humidity so high her sweat wouldn’t evaporate, Corina loved working outdoors for the summer. She grew up in a city, so “waking up every morning to see the wispy fog trailing off the mountain peaks was phenomenally surreal. I saw a greater diversity of wildlife in that single summer than I probably have seen in the rest of my life.” She hopes her Inquiry article will draw more attention to the study of small mammals in wildlife and forestry fields. Corina eventually plans to earn her master’s degree in natural resources, with a general focus on wildlife. Her research gave her a taste of what it will take to earn a graduate degree.