Emma Clarke


Emma Clarke is from Rochester, New Hampshire. She is a University of New Hampshire (UNH) Hamel Scholar and is in the University Honors Program. Emma will graduate from UNH in May 2019 with a bachelor of science degree in physics. She relishes exploring and learning new things, which has motivated her to be involved with research since her first year at UNH. After her junior year, she participated in the International Research Opportunities Program. “For a very long time I have been obsessed with particles, statistics, and understanding the evolution of the universe,” Emma said. She was able to focus on these topics at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics, where she worked with Dr. Subinoy Das. “I got to work through pencil-and-paper calculations as well as write code, which are two things I really enjoy doing.” As a bonus, she got to visit India. Emma has been an editor of Inquiry for a couple of years, so she thought it was finally time to write about her own work and become an author. In fall 2019 she will attend Carnegie Mellon University to pursue a PhD in physics and continue working in theoretical and numerical/computational cosmology. This project confirmed for her that she is passionate about this area of research.