Lihy-Eden Buchbinder


Lihy-Eden Buchbinder’s current hometown is Lee, New Hampshire, but she is originally from Haifa, Israel. She will graduate from the University of New Hampshire with a bachelor of science degree in physics in May 2022. Lihy is in the University Honors Program and is a member of the honor societies Sigma Pi Sigma (physics) and Pi Mu Epsilon (math). She was fascinated by Dr. Hollen’s lab’s ability to image atoms. She was inspired to change her major from chemical engineering to physics, though her background in chemistry enabled her to take on the chemistry-focused project of producing sharp STM probes for the lab after receiving an Undergraduate Research Award (URA) through the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research. Through the research, Lihy developed “fruitful collaborations with researchers from other institutions” and was excited to see her probe-fabrication station work well. Lihy plans to pursue a doctorate in experimental condensed matter physics and then hopes to be a professor and manage a research lab or do research in a national lab. She knows that her research experience gave her the tools to succeed in grad school, including how to write proposals, be independent and resourceful, and to persist when troubleshooting.