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Research articles describe research and creative projects in all the disciplines and are authored by UNH undergraduates or recent graduates in collaboration with Inquiry student and staff editors. They should not exceed 2500 words (excluding bibliography). These articles are based on research reports or essays written for a course or independent study. Because of the relatively short length and general audience of research articles, their authors often choose to narrow or refocus their original text. The research experience is held to be as important as research results.

Searching for Control of the Bacillus Subtilis Spore Surface

To most people, protein is just a necessary part of our diets. But to biologists, proteins are everything. Proteins make up around 15 percent of our body mass [1] and are involved in virtually every process necessary to keep us alive. From digesting our food to repairing our bodies, proteins are hard at work [2].


Cardiorespiratory and Metabolic Responses to Low-Intensity Blood Flow Restricted Running

Aerobic exercise, which includes activities such as running and walking, conditions the cardiovascular system and builds endurance. Distance running is a popular form of aerobic exercise and a competitive sport where overuse injuries are often a result of training (Wiegand et al., 2019). When runners are injured, they may need to reduce or sometimes stop their training for several weeks to months (Liem et al., 2013).

Using Spatial Transcriptomics to Investigate Gene Expression in Cactus Mice

Many of the world’s strangest animals can be found in its harshest environments, where survival in these severe conditions requires exceptional biological adaptations. Nowhere is this more apparent than in deserts, host to extreme daily temperature cycles and a severe lack of water. To overcome the hurdle of water scarcity, some desert animals have evolved the ability to conserve this critical resource. The camel, for example, can quickly rebound from dehydration periods lasting over a week (von Engelhardt et al. 2006).

Climate Resiliency Strategies for New Hampshire Ski Areas

Outdoor recreation has been an integral part of New Hampshire’s identity for over 100 years. As the state has grown and changed, the outdoor industry and its significance have changed as well. With this heritage comes many “firsts.” The cable chairlift, downhill race courses, and the aerial tramway are just a few of the firsts that our state can lay claim to (Allen).

Engineering Analysis of Siege Engines in the First Crusade

Understanding the Behavioral and Neurobiological Mechanisms of Relapse in Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use disorder (AUD), otherwise known as alcoholism or alcohol addiction, is a chronic brain condition that affects millions of people worldwide. While there are treatments available, there are still several challenges that lie in the way of successful recovery for those who are affected. One of the main challenges is people’s tendency to relapse during treatment.

Blind as a Bat: Acoustic Differences within a Bat Swarm Soundscape Based on Location

When most people think of bats, the typical reaction includes a fearful cringe because of the creatures’ reputation to cause chaos in the night skies and go after anything they can suck blood from. When I think of bats, I marvel at how these sophisticated mammals use their intelligence and small size to their advantage to live an assortment of different lifestyles worldwide. Contrary to popular belief, bats do not have intentions to rustle up chaos, and less than one percent feed on blood.

Breaking the Cycle: Using Autoethnography to Reframe the Narrative of Parental Divorce and Romantic Relationships—Reversing the Curse

In February 2020, I decided on a future for myself I hadn’t thought possible since I was a child. Under the starless winter sky, lit up by the reflective brightness of colorful lasers entrenched within the intricately carved foundations of the New Hampshire Ice Castles, I overwhelmingly accepted my partner’s heartfelt proposal despite my adolescent oath against marriage because of my parents’ bitter and somewhat traumatic divorce. Almost as instantly as I felt my heart fill up with a hopeful happiness, intrusive thoughts of self-doubt and worst-case-scenarios crept quickly into my mind.

Influence of Dissolved Oxygen on the Degradation and Transformation of NEtFOSE within a Secondary Wastewater Treatment Bioreactor System

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, more commonly known as PFAS, are a large family of synthetic compounds that have been used in commercial and industrial settings since the 1940s. These substances are commonly found in municipal products including detergents, waterproof clothing coatings, and coatings on nonstick cookware due to their thermal stability and ability to repel water and oil.

The Battle against “Ecology Nuts”: An Examination of Olympic Oil Refinery Proponents

Anyone driving through the old mill towns of Seacoast, New Hampshire in 1974 might have encountered a local bumper sticker with the slogan, “Let those bastards freeze in the dark” (Manchester Union Leader, 1974). These stickers were not random threats wishing hypothermia and frostbite on their neighbors. Instead, they represented one side in a battle that polarized the Seacoast region of the Granite State—whether to allow Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis to build an oil refinery in Durham, home of the University of New Hampshire (UNH).


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