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Research articles describe research and creative projects in all the disciplines and are authored by UNH undergraduates or recent graduates in collaboration with Inquiry student and staff editors. They should not exceed 2500 words (excluding bibliography). These articles are based on research reports or essays written for a course or independent study. Because of the relatively short length and general audience of research articles, their authors often choose to narrow or refocus their original text. The research experience is held to be as important as research results.

Can Artificial Intelligence Alleviate Resource Scarcity?

As satellites orbit Earth capturing images of farmland and collecting data on weather conditions, United States technology startup Descartes Labs conducts an analysis. By integrating the information from satellites with several data points, the company is able to recognize patterns and estimate crop yield in nearly real-time. Ultimately, Descartes contributes to more informed farming and agricultural decisions by sharing useful insight with stakeholders ranging from the farmers themselves to the United States government. 

Uncovering How Occupational Therapy Could Benefit Individuals Living with Sickle Cell Disease in Ghana

My first day in Ghana consisted of a five-hour bus ride from Accra to Kumasi in the pouring rain. Granted, I love the rain; it’s just much more enjoyable when it isn’t paired with jet lag and traffic. My second day in Ghana I celebrated the 100th birthday of a Seventh Day Adventist monk and attended a wedding reception in the evening. Amidst this excitement, my real purpose for traveling to Ghana in the summer of 2017 was to conduct research.

Funding Business Development Services for Women Microentrepreneurs in the Philippines

Within international economic development circles, microfinance has been discussed as a tool for poverty eradication since it was first developed in the 1970s by a Bangladeshi economics professor, Muhammad Yunus. Yunus was later awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on the topic. I learned about the concept in an elective class, Topics in Microfinance. Before the class, I saw poverty as something that would always be around, with few solutions except charity aid.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Comparing Disinfection Options for Drinking Water Treatment

Flint, Michigan’s water crisis put my major, environmental engineering, in perspective for the first time. Flint has become one of the main tragedies to shine a light on America’s aging infrastructure. It is also a prime example of the type of environmental injustice happening around the country today. Seeing the families and community in Flint suffer made me realize that this type of tragedy could happen anywhere in the United States, but the way it is handled will vary depending on the affected community’s socioeconomic status.

Evaluating Plant Brushing as a Strategy for Height Control in Edible Crop Species

Demand for high-quality, locally produced leafy greens and herbs has increased in major metropolitan areas across the northeast. As a result, the number of commercial greenhouse operations producing these crops has increased in New England states. Because greenhouse growers have the ability to supply heat and supplemental lighting during fall and winter months, there is potential to provide local markets with fresh leafy greens and herbs year-round.

Conservation of the Lion: Preventing an Africa without the African Lion

I never thought I would find myself sitting in a Land Rover on a peaceful afternoon watching twelve lions nap off their meal from the previous evening under a shady tree. As I looked out into the tall grass and surrounding trees, it all seemed surreal. I smiled with the warm African sun on my face as Zulu, the lion pride male, lazily rolled over and yawned.

Impact of Suspended Particles on Bacterial Concentrations in Great Bay Estuary Oysters

Food poisoning caused by the bacteria Vibrio parahaemolyticus has recently become a problem in the northeastern United States, particularly in the summer (Gulf of Maine Council on the Marine Environment, 2011; Urquhart, Jones, Yu, Schuster, & Marcinkiewicz, 2016). As climate change causes water temperatures to rise, these pathogenic (infectious) and non-pathogenic (harmless) V.

Heirs to the Frontier: James Fenimore Cooper’s Influence on Leo Tolstoy

The summer of 2017 was the summer of reading. Before then, I had never considered that I could conduct intensive historical research as an undergraduate. But after numerous meetings with my thesis advisor and future mentor, history professor Cathy Frierson, I realized that a Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) would give me a chance to work on my honors thesis, as well as conduct original research in my field. Professor Frierson knew of my passion for Russian literature, and she suggested investigating the popularity of foreign authors in Russia.

Using Radio Telemetry and Geographic Information Systems to Map and Estimate the Home Range Size and Daily Movement Patterns of Female Cheetahs on Namibia’s Commercial Farmland

Into the Bush

The Pragmatism of Politics: Senator Norris Cotton and the Civil Rights Legislation in the 1960s

I have always been fascinated by the hows and whys of history. My interest in civil rights legislation did not truly begin until the later semesters of college. My original research work began as an assignment for the Senior Colloquium in History in the spring of 2016. At the time, my research concerned the influences on the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.


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