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Celebrating Thirty-Five Years of Undergraduate Research

For thirty-five years, the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research has promoted and supported substantial research endeavors by over 3,000 undergraduates at the University of New Hampshire. Through its programs UNH undergraduates serve as apprentice researchers alongside faculty mentors, earn credit for research work during the academic year, conduct independent projects over the summer that often extend into senior theses and capstones, travel across the globe to conduct research, and learn to polish their writing about research and share it with a wide audience.

Celebrating Ten Years in Publication

The 2014 issue of Inquiry marks the tenth anniversary of the University of New Hampshire’s undergraduate research journal, published annually online each spring. Inquiry is funded out of a generous endowment from Mr. Dana Hamel.

Beyond the Claw Crackers: Investigating a Neurobiological Bridge between the Environment and Behavioral Rhythms in Juvenile American Lobsters

While some in the greater University of New Hampshire community are most concerned with the culinary aspect of lobsters, others are hard at work figuring out just what makes these desirable crustaceans tick. Cody White, a senior neuroscience major, has devoted the latter part of his undergraduate career to studying the complex nervous system of the juvenile American lobster in a laboratory on the Durham campus.

Twenty-five and Still Going Strong: An Inside Look at the Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research

It was an eye-opening experience...my undergraduate research made me feel like part of a larger community at UNH and someone more actively involved in my field as a music researcher. —Christopher Foss ’13

Harmonious World: The Confucius Institute and Asian Studies at the University of New Hampshire

In a harmonious world (hexie shijie), peoples everywhere work together to create peace and prosperity. In today’s global climate of economic and political crises, harmony seems like an impossible aspiration; but the United States and China are working through tensions toward cooperation. One method of furthering international understanding is cultural exchange, and the University of New Hampshire has sent many students to study and conduct research in China while many Chinese students have come to campus.

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