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The University of New Hampshire is committed to promoting an atmosphere that is diverse and complex enough to be intellectually and socially enriching for students, faculty, and staff and we are committed to expand our efforts in creating a more diverse and inclusive community.

Jennifer A. Nolan "Jaime"

Jaime Nolan is Associate Vice President for Community, Equity and Diversity

Vice President Jamie Nolan

University of New Hampshire.

Jaime has worked in higher education in the areas of diversity, equity, community building, and intercultural advancement for more than 20 years, which she considers “the work” of our time.

Ms. Nolan earned Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in American Studies at Washington State University and completed her doctorate in higher education at the University of Pennsylvania, April 2015, where her dissertation, A Strange Difficulty: Uncovering Beauty in a Narrative of Tragedy, relates the lived experience of Native students. She has taught courses in Women’s Studies and Chicano Studies at the University of Minnesota where she co-developed and taught a course  entitled “The Dynamics and Complexity of Identity in a Multicultural World.”  At Colgate University, she created the "Breaking Bread" program to develop working partnerships across difference. Ms. Nolan develops and provides tailored diversity training, mediation/conflict resolution, and community development to public and private organizations.