Staff Recognition Program

UNH's Staff Recognition program is an annual celebration to express the university's appreciation and acknowledgement of our staff achieving milestone years of service, and who contribute so vitally to the mission and strategic plan success of the University of New Hampshire, year after year. 

All members of the UNH community are welcome to attend and join our staff celebrating their milestone years of service!

During this program, UNH also recognizes and celebrates our staff selected as this year's award recipients of the Presidential Award of Excellence.

For our staff being recognized for milestone years of service, their invitation to this annual program includes a luncheon by UNH Hospitality Services (for our staff being recognized only), followed by the remainder of the day off with pay. This 1/2 day may be taken on the day of the event or another coordinated date and time, supported by the employee's supervisor, based on department staffing needs.

Staff Recognition Videos

The videos shared during the 2019 Staff Recognition program can be viewed via UNH's Media Space.  You can login, and then navigate to the "Employee Resources" category, and then the Channel for "Current UNH Faculty and Staff", where you will find all 8 videos posted for viewing - or click the individual year links below.

Links to 'Years of Service' History Videos - Login w/UNH credentials required

2019 Staff Recognition

Sue Bennett with AVP Bill Janelle and President Dean
Sue Bennett, Facilities

Celebrating 50 years of service with UNH!

Photo:  Sue with Bill Janelle, AVP of Facilties and President Jim Dean

Presidential Award of Excellence
2019 Recipients

Visit the UNH Awards site to read about this year's staff recipients as well as this year's student and faculty awards!


 2019 Event Information

May 10, 2019
10:30am - 11:45am
Granite State Room
Memorial Union Building
Durham Campus


Program is open to the UNH Community


 Who Is Eligible?

The annual program is for Operating Staff (OS), Professional, Administrative & Technical (PAT), and Extension Educator (EE) staff who have reached milestone years or service, beginning at 10 years, and every 5 years after that.

Letters were mailed to 2019 eligible staff on February 25th.

Download 2019 Staff List - sorted by Dept.

This year we celebrate 183 staff members with a combined 3,560 years of service with UNH!

 How Service is Calculated

This program identifies staff in Banner HR that based on their Adjusted Service Date (calculates prior service), have reached milestone years of service by the deadline each year of May 31st.

EX:  Jane started working at UNH on August 5, 2009. Even though Jane's actual 10 year anniversary will be on August 5th, 2019, she has not reached 10 years by the annual cut-off of May 31st, so she will be picked up for recognition with her peers the following year.


Susanne Bennett, Facilities Administration

Jody Fernald, University Library


John Macri, EOS - Space Science Center

Thomas Neal, Facilities - Lock Shop

James Boulanger, Athletics
Melanie Cornell, UNH School of Law
Diane Dupes, Facilities - Housekeeping
Gregory Greene, IT - Enterprise Computing
William Hereford, Facilities - OPS Area A
Kevin Janelle, Hospitality Services - Dining
Ronald Lavoie, Facilities - Grounds & Events
Michael Saputo, Housing
Brian Shepperd, IT - WAN
Karl Shump, CEPS - Computer Science
Susan Sullivan, IT - Enterprise Computing
Jon Whitehouse, COLSA - Farms

Susan Brayman, University Library
Karin Coe, IT - Business Service Center
Sharon Desjardins, Research - Sponsored Programs Administration
Donald Dumont, Hospitality Services - Dining
Leslie Guy, University Police
Ann Hamilton, Extension - Food & Agriculture
Lisa Hartford, COLA - Art & Art History
Scott Healey, Facilities - Asset Management
James Horne, Facilities - OPS Area A
Elizabeth Kintzing, SMSOE - Marine Program
Kurt Kraus, Hospitality Services - Dining
Scott Lindquist, Facilities - OPS Area C
Gene Lozey, Facilities - OPS Area B
Catherine Makem-Boucher, CEPS - Physics
Michael McKay, Facilities - Utilities
Janice Pierson, Community, Equity & Diversity
Glenn Riefenstahl, Athletics
Andrea Sawyer, Extension - Youth and Family
Michelle Waltz, CEPS - Physics
Brenda Whitmore, Facilities - Project Management


Elizabeth Bernier, Housing
Doreen Cole, COLA - Family Research Lab
Robert Craycraft, Extension - Natural Resources
Stanley Ellis, EOS - Space Science Center
Robert Feeley, Facilities - OPS Area B
Kelly Foster, Institute on Disability
Linda Fredette, Housing
Cindy Glidden, COLA - Education
Susan Higgins, Research - EPSCoR
Donald Houde, Facilities - Project Management
Peg Kirkpatrick, COLA - Dean's Office
Scott Kitterman, CEPS - Computer Science
Elyse Mather, University Library
Dorrie McClintock, Hospitality Services - Conferences & Catering
Angela Prescott-Bell, COLA  - BSC
Glenn Shwaery, CEPS - Dean's Office 
Cheryl Smith, Extension - Food and Agriculture
Joshua Willman, Athletics


Marcie Anderson, COLA - Political Science
Elizabeth Arcieri, COLA - Education
Tony Bargardo, IT - WAN
Robert Beecher, UNHM - Physical Plant Operations
Martha Belanger, Survey Center
Arlene Bisson, Health & Wellness
Sharon Blake, Extension - Administration
Michael Brannen, IT - Telecommunications
Kevan Carpenter, CEPS - Technical Service Center
Gary Desjardins, EOS - Earth Systems Research Center
Antonio Ditulio, Academic Technology
Dennis Dupuis, Health & Wellness
Lorna Ellis, EOS - Space Science Center
Angela Engel, IT - Telecommunications
Susan Entz, Advancement
Amie Familgetti, University Library
Stanley Glidden, EOS - Earth Systems Research Center
Connie Grant, Housing
Theresa Hamer, Academic Affairs BSC
Gail Kennedy, Extension - Youth and Family
Tracey Lauder, University Library
David Lavallee, IT - Telecommunications
Catherine Leach, Academic Affairs
David Lee, CHHS - Northeast Passage
Keith Legro, UNHM - Life Sciences
David Lowy, Hospitality Services - Dining
Mary Ma, Advancement
Benjamin Magowan, Facilities - OPS Area B
Michelle Mancini, CEPS - Civil & Environmental Engineering
Bradford Manning, Office of Environmental Health & Safety
Erika Mantz, Advancement - Communications & Public Affairs
Kathy Mason, Research - Sponsored Programs Administration
Debora McCann, Educational Talent Search
Cynthia Mills, Financial Aid
Colleen Mitchell, Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping
Devina Mooney, Research - Sponsored Programs Administration
Christoforos Mouikis, EOS - Space Science Center
Abigail Pagan-Allis, SHARPP
Deborah Paige, UNH School of Law
Janet Puchlopek, Hospitality Services - ID Office
Theresa Ridgeway, Research - Research Computing Center
Christina Rowland, Housing
Christina Sbrizza, IT - Telecommunications
Wendy Scribner, Extension - Natural Resources
Andrew Smith, Survey Center


Patricia Bermingham, Hospitality Services - Conferences & Catering
Carole Berry, CEPS - Dean's Office
Linda Bimbo, Institute on Disability
Jeremiah Bixby, COLSA - Farms
Lynn Blanchard, UNH School of Law
Michelle Botelho, Hospitality Services - Dining
Eric Bourn, University Police
Timothy Clark, IT - Enterprise Collaboration & Messaging
Lynne Cooper, COLSA - Natural Resources & Earth Systems Science PhD Program
Kathleen Fletcher, UNH School of Law
Colin Frost, EOS - Space Science Center
Rachel Gogan, University Library
Diana Guy, Hospitality Services - Dairy Bar
Wen Houle, Global Education Center
Christopher Hunt, Ocean Process Analysis Lab
Carolynn Kimball, Athletics
Elizabeth Lathrop, UNHM - Human Resources
Colette Lepkowski, Hospitality Services - Dining
Dovev Levine, Graduate School - Dean's Office
Robert McGann, Admissions
Hollis McGuire, Paul College - Small Business Development Center
Miles McLeod, SMSOE - Marine R & D
Robert McSheehan, Hospitality Services - Dining
Deborah Mulligan, Hospitality Services - Dining
Amy Oliva, Discovery Program
Robin Packer, Hospitality Services - Dining
Doreen Palmer, UNHM - Registrars' Office
Adam Pearson, COLA - Art & Art History
Nathan Rennels, SMSOE - Marine Program
Joseph Simunac, Business Services
Shannon Steele, Hospitality Services - Dining
Rhonda Vincent, Facilities - Business Service Center
Laurie Westover, COLSA - Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Sciences
Janine Wilks, COLA - English
Dawn Zitney, Health & Wellness


Michele Arista, Office of Environmental Health & Safety
Jack Aydelott, Hospitality Services - Conferences & Catering
Deborah Bisson-Devost, UNHM - Admissions
Virginia Borase, UNHM - Library & Media Services
Rene Bousquet, IT - Enterprise Computing
Heather Bryant, Extension - Food and Agriculture
Faina Bukher, Paul College - Center for Social Innovation & Enterprise
Jennifer Busch, VPFA Office
William Campbell, IT - Enterprise Computing
Timothy Carlin, InterOperability Lab
Brigid Casellini, Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research
Erik Chapman, EOS - NH Sea Grant
Karen Chasse, Admissions
Heidi Cloutier, Institute on Disability
Susan Colucci, Carsey School of Public Policy
Andrea DiBurro, IT - Enterprise Computing
Mary Doyle, Hamel Center for Undergraduate Research
Kristin Duisberg, Advancement - Communications & Public Affairs
Maria Fahnestock, COLSA - Natural Resources & the Environment
Breanna Farrell, Academic Technology - Web & Mobile Development
Gary Flynn, Hospitality Services - Dining
Donna Funteral, Extension - Professional Development & Training
Mark Geuther, Facilities - Project Management
Tammy Gewehr, McNair Scholars Program
James Graham, Advancement - Communications & Public Affairs
Jason Graves, Admissions
Scott Greenwood, Research - Environmental Research Group
Amanda Haney, Advancement
Tracy Keirns, Survey Center
Beth Kilinc, Global Education Center
Ashley Lapp, Paul College - Undergraduate Programs
Debra Learmonth, Health & Wellness
Helen Lonek, McNair Scholars Program
Philip Manseau, IT - Enterprise Computing
Kate McAfee, Athletics
Megan Meagher, Advancement - Alumni Relations
Carol Merkle, Health & Wellness
Patricia Morris, UNH School of Law
Gerry Morrissette, Facilities - Lock Shop
Deborah Pack, Admissions
Lisa Pappajohn, Paul College - Undergraduate Programs
Kathleen Pirie, Institute on Disability
Val Schmidt, Center for Coastal & Ocean Mapping
George Snow, IT - WAN
Claes Thelemarck, Extension - Youth and Family
Emma Tutein, Extension - Natural Resources
Chelsea Warner, Admissions
Maggie Wells, UNHM -  Internship and Career Services
Sean Winston, Housing

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How are milestone anniversary years calculated?
    Each year,  calculations are made based on a cut off of May 31st beginning with 10 years of service, followed by every 5 years after that.
  2. I am a manager and one of my direct reports is reaching a milestone this year.  Am I supposed to do something for them in person? Am I supposed to buy a separate gift for them?
    Managers are strongly encouraged to help UNH recognize service anniversaries with a few sincere words of thanks and appreciation - in a written note, at a 1:1 meeting, or with a "shout out" at a regularly scheduled staff meeting.  As in any professional relationship, it is your time and attention that means the most.  There is no need to buy a separate gift.  In fact, it is discouraged as gifts have already been selected to fall below IRS taxability thresholds.
  3. I believe I should have been picked up for recognition this year but did not receive my letter of invitation.  What should I do?
    Please contact the Human Resources office at 862-0519 and we can verify your hire dates used for calculation.
  4. I can't take off a 1/2 day on the program date due to my current workload and staffing needs in my department.  What should I do?
    Work with your supervisor to identify a more appropriate time off later in the month that works better for the department and your own personal calendar.
  5. Can I exchange my gift for a monetary award, a gift card or a donation to a charity?
    No, due to IRS guidelines and taxation implications we can not change the recognition gift to a monetary amount, gift card or charity donation.
  6. I celebrated my 10 year anniversary a few years ago and I don't remember getting a gift.  Can I get it now?
    No, we are sorry but we are unable to supply recognition gifts for previous milestone years.