FY20 Salary Increase Process Resources

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Awarding Merit - Differentiating the performance of your employees and rewarding and recognizing those who have gone above and beyond the achievement of their standard job requirements is the intent of a merit program. Utilizing your recently completed performance reviews, determine what you consider meritorious performance and reflect that in your merit decisions. Rewarding your top talent is critical to ensure their engagement and retention in the future.  

If you would like to schedule an Awarding Merit training module for you and/or members of your leadership team, please contact your HR Partner.

FY20 Salary Increase Resources:

If you have any questions about this process, please contact your HR Partner for assistance.

Additional Awarding Merit Tools:
  • Review Awarding Merit Tutorial - narrated video presentation providing guidance for UNH supervisors on making merit decisions.
    NOTE:   login to UNH MediaSpace using your UNH username and password.
  • Review Awarding Merit - Workbook Tutorial - narrated instructions to assist you in your merit decisions using the Merit Workbook Tool.
    NOTE:   login to UNH MediaSpace using your UNH username and password.
  • Download Awarding Merit Workbook Tool (requires Excel 2013 or higher)
    Be sure to download and 'SAVE AS' on your own computer.  When using this Merit Workbook Tool it is assumed you are already familiar with the merit graph.  IF NOT, please view the Awarding Merit Workbook Tutorial (above) first.

IMPORTANT This workbook has numerous hidden formulas in the rows and columns beyond what you see. 
DO NOT resize columns, rows or attempt to sort data inside the workbook or you will damage the integrity of this custom tool on your copy.