Position Specific Background Reviews

A candidate for specific positions may be required to have one or all of the following background reviews:

  1. Academic Credentials. Degrees, credentials and/or professional licensing/certification, as required for the position, will be verified.
  2. Motor Vehicle Records. When an occupation or position requires that an employee regularly operate a motor vehicle, whether a UNH vehicle or personal vehicle, the hiring authority or designee will work with Human Resources to verify the appropriate license and review the motor vehicle record. If the position requires a commercial driver’s license, a drug and alcohol screening is also required.
  3. Credit Review. A credit review may be made on finalists for positions that require the handling of financial transactions as a job responsibility. These responsibilities include but are not limited to: collecting or handling cash or revenues, writing or approving revenues, having access to a direct money stream, or being an authorized user of UNH purchasing card.