Fidelity / TIAA Webinars

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Did YOU Know?  Fidelity and TIAA offer FREE financial informational webcasts and webinars for all Faculty/Staff.

Fidelity Webcasts

Register online to attend their upcoming events:

  • The Mindset of Up-and-Coming Millionaires - discusses the habits and behaviors that up-and-coming millionaires use to help them reach their retirement goals.  Although not every participant is headed for the million-dollar mark, they can learn from those who are.
  • Understanding Medicareprovides information from coverage and costs to enrollment and associated deadlines.  This webcast provides the facts that will help participants make good decisions about Medicare.

In addition, you can view past webcasts on topics such as:

  • Building Your Retirement Paycheck

  • Getting More Out of Social Security

  • Top 10 Things to Do Before You Retire.

  • Investing 201:  Going Beyond the Basics, etc...

TIAA Live Webinar Information

To access the upcoming Webinar schedule, log into your TIAA account:


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