Function of Job:

Under general supervision, to serve as sole staff member responsible for performing all record keeping, receipt and issuance duties in a small supply unit or to be responsible for one or more major functions in a large storeroom or stockroom.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Be in charge of a storeroom which receives, stores and issues a variety of general items, with responsibility for maintaining security of assigned area.
  2. Independently perform difficult tasks in connection with checking and tallying special and/or technical items of supply.
  3. Handle and store special stock items requiring special treatment which deviates from established storekeeping methods and which requires knowledge of stock characterized by susceptibility to spontaneous combustion, toxicity, fragility, rapid deterioration, contamination, ease of physical damage, etc.
  4. Check stock against shipping authorization for agreement as to quantities, descriptions, sizes, conditions and conformance to purchase orders.
  5. Store stock according to established methods and sanitation practices.
  6. Issue stock as requested on requisitions by checking items against stock levels on hand, suggesting substitutes when necessary, and obtaining appropriate signatures on requisitions.
  7. Mark articles with identifying codes, figures or letters, as required.
  8. Read and interpret data processing cards used for stock/inventory record maintenance and reorder as required.
  9. Solve problems which require searching for data in catalogs and publications to determine substitution, interchange and compliance with specifications.
  10. Record stock transactions, listing pertinent data such as purchase order number, date received, date issued, etc.
  11. May direct the work activities of store's personnel engaged in performing tasks relating to the receipt, storage, custody, issue and shipment of related general items of supply.
  12. Conduct cyclic, special and other inventories of bin and bulk stock.
  13. Select, determine, and apply storekeeping guides, procedures and methods without specific interpretations from supervisor.
  14. Refer situations involving major deviations from established methods to supervisor and make recommendations suggesting course of action.
  15. Demonstrate resourcefulness in adopting storekeeping methods to handling of items, locating reference sources and providing solutions to problems.
  16. Exercise judgment in estimating amounts of supplies needed for replenishment of stocks.
  17. Prepare periodic status reports for supervision, as required.
  18. Interact with supervision and appropriate personnel in other departments to maintain a coordinated flow of information regarding stocks.
  19. Count, grade, or weigh articles.
  20. Load and unload various stock items as required.
  21. May drive delivery truck and unload supplies at destination point.
  22. Perform related duties as assigned.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications:

  1. High school graduation and three years of work experience performing storeroom functions or appropriate combination of Business School education and experience.
  2. Valid New Hampshire commercial driver's license if required.
  3. Sufficient strength and physical dexterity to perform duties and responsibilities of this job, including heavy work.
  4. Must be able to wear and use appropriate personal protective equipment, as necessary.
  5. Mathematical ability.

 Effective Date:      4/29/93


*** NOTE: Revised - Original approved 4/8/75, 2/20/79 and 11/25/81. ***

This document is a generic classification specification of the University System of New Hampshire. Its purpose is to describe the representative responsibilities and general level of complexity, and it is not a substitute for the specific job description of the individual position.