Function of Job:

Under the direct supervision from a supervisor who is responsible for the condition of necessary work, to perform work involving the setting up, repair and maintenance of athletic/recreational facilities and equipment. 

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Perform necessary work to prepare and maintain athletic/recreational facilities on a daily basis for all programs and activities throughout the year, including but not limited to maintenance of all playing fields, tracks, tennis courts, gymnasiums, weight rooms, bleachers, ice surfaces, and related facilities. (Maintenance activities include preparation of playing sites/areas for practices and games, erection and disassembling of bleachers and other related sports equipment.)
  2. Be responsible for care and distribution of athletic and recreation equipment, including all phases of the laundry operation.
  3. Care for and maintain indoor and outdoor facilities throughout the year, including refinishing and sealing and/or cleaning gymnasium floors; fertilizing, top dressing, seeding, mowing, rolling and marking all fields.
  4. Make necessary repairs and maintain athletic apparatus, such as metal cages, nets, goals and equipment for baseball, ice hockey, field hockey, lacrosse, soccer and track.
  5. Operate motorized equipment utilized for athletic and/or recreational sports such as zamboni, mowers, light trucks and related machinery.
  6. May supervise student workers as needed.
  7. Perform other related duties as required or assigned.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications

  1. High school graduation and one to three years of experience in a trade such as Mechanics, Carpentry, Painting, Landscaping, Field Management, etc.
  2. Interest in athletics and sports events.
  3. Ability and willingness to work varying work schedules, including extensive weekend and night work during active sports seasons, as required.
  4. Sufficient strength and physical dexterity to perform duties and responsibilities of this job, including heavy work with exposure to inclement weather conditions for prolonged periods of time.
  5. Must be able to wear and use appropriate protective equipment as necessary.

Additional Desirable Qualifications

  1. Knowledge of University or College athletic programs.
  2. Experience in repair and maintenance of athletic equipment for a University, College or private club.
  3. Ability to maintain good personal relations.
  4. New Hampshire pesticide/herbicide applicator's license.  

Effective Date:     10/21/92

This document is a generic classification specification of the University System of New Hampshire. Its purpose is to describe the representative responsibilities and general level of complexity, and it is not a substitute for the specific job description of the individual position.

    *** NOTE: Revised - Original approved 10/7/84 and revised 2/20/79 and 8/11/87 as "Athletic Facilities Attendant."***