Function of Job: 

Under administrative review of the Director of Men's Athletics, the Director of Women's Athletics, and/or other designated supervisor, to act as Head Coach or as Assistant Coach of an intercollegiate sport.

 Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities
  1. Organize, develop, and maintain an intercollegiate team.
  2. Plan for season including competitive schedule, i.e., facilities, officials, practice schedule, training and conditioning program; plan travel arrange­ments for away competition and travel extensively with the team; prepare a check list of needs for each practice and each competitive experience.
  3. Develop a work calendar for all responsibilities on a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis.
  4. Be familiar with all rules, policies, and regulations pertinent to the sport coached; develop strategy and tactics for play.
  5. Plan for equipment and supplies including uniforms, and other needs, maintenance, new orders, arrangements for storage in season and post season.
  6. Set-up and recommend policies on: extent of competition, extent of practice, sharing of facilities and equipment, medical considerations; monitor and report to authorities any facility problem (lights, field conditions, safety hazards).
  7. Prepare budget recommendations; develop and set-up proper, workable record-keeping system for budget and inventory.
  8. Generate student participants fox the program, develop suggested guidelines for scholarships including criteria for selection and equitable opportunity for sexes and sports.
  9. Help insure publicity through public release on a national and regional basis of opportunities available; prepare press releases; speak to community and other sport-oriented groups.
  10. Participate in in-service programs for coaches and officials; develop a coaching manual; keep current with literature on coaching practices, rules of sport, physiological and psychological sport applications; contribute and participate in professional organizations.
  11. Be well informed on care and prevention practices for injuries; personally oversee all aspects of the athletes' welfare.
  12. Develop remedial and learning opportunities leading to top-level competitive experience.
  13. Develop and evaluation process (short and long term) including measurable program objectives, mid-season evaluation process, and assessing outcomes; develop new objectives and modify the process if appropriate.
  14. Advise and inform the Athletic Director of advanced planning and recommended program needs for development.
  15. Personally accomplish or delegate and oversee program recommendations of students as per their requests.
  16. Teach courses as assigned.
  17. Assist the Director of athletics as assigned.
  18. Perform related duties as assigned.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications:

  1. Bachelor’s degree.
  2. One year of coaching experience.
  3. Participation in sport coached. 

 Effective Date:     2/9/77

*** NOTE: Revised  - Original approved 9/14/76.***