Function of Job: 

Under general supervision of faculty member(s) and/or other designated supervisor, to be responsible for supervision/maintenance of sculpture g woodworking facilities and equipment. 

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Supervise use, maintenance and repair of sculpture studio equipment or woodworking equipment including band saws, table saws, drill presses, gas welding outfits, arc welding outfits, sheet metal equipment and a variety of hand tools.
  2. Instruct or assist faculty in instruction of students in the use of equipment.
  3. Supervise work study students, as assigned, in basic and advanced techniques.
  4. Provide aesthetic and technical guidance to students.
  5. Be familiar with and be capable of operating bronze foundry, including burnout kilns (if major field is sculpture).
  6. Assist college/university Art Galleries in design/construction of gallery installations (if major field is woodworking).
  7. Be responsible for day to day management of facility operating budget.
  8. Perform related duties, as assigned.

Minimum Acceptable Qualification 

  1. Bachelor's of Fine Arts degree in sculpture or Bachelor of Arts degree with a specialization in woodworking and/or furniture design or equivalent combination of education and experience (depending on assignment to sculpture or woodworking facility).
  2. Supervisory ability.

Additional Desirable Qualification 

  1. Some teaching experience.

    Effective Date:     8/11/94

    *** NOTE: Revised - Original approved as "Sculpture Technician" on 11/1/76 and revised 9/18/78 under current title. ***