Function of Job: 

Under administrative review from a designated supervisor, to be responsible for facilitating the work of a major administrative unit by providing informational services/office management, and making decisions on a variety of essential management operations and related matters. 

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities: 

  1. Consult with and counsel the head of assigned major administrative unit and/or other related staff members, in matters pertaining to management services.
  2. Assist in developing goals for unit, plan day-to-day operations, assuring that the work is compatible with the unit established goals.
  3. Perform, direct or counsel on work involved in providing or negotiating for a variety of essential management/facilities services.
  4. Supervise, coordinate, evaluate and review work of assigned staff members.
  5. Evaluate and recommend changes in methods and procedures within major administrative unit.
  6. Act as primary contact person and make independent decisions in matters involving other departments, units or organizations.
  7. Coordinate the unit's financial affairs, including budget recommendation, preparation, and expenditure control.
  8. Prepare reports on the unit's activities, and recommend future improvements in operations.
  9. Interpret and assure conformance with USNH policy and campus organizational procedures.
  10. Interview and recommend candidates for employment or termination.
  11. Coordinate the processing of the unit's personnel, payroll and purchasing forms with the appropriate departments.
  12. Serve on or chair committees, complete special projects, and oversee programs as assigned.
  13. Perform other related duties, as assigned.

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications: 

  1. Bachelor's degree and two years of related experience.
  2. Knowledge of management/administrative principles, practices, methods and techniques.
  3. Supervisory ability.
  4. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written.
  5. Tact and skill in dealing with others.


    System Approval:     8/23/2004

    Effective Date:     8/22/2004

    This document is a generic classification specification of the University System of New Hampshire. Its purpose is to describe the representative responsibilities and general level of complexity, and it is not a substitute for the specific job description of the individual position.

    *** NOTE: Revised - Original approved as Administrative Assistant II 1/16/75 and revised 7/30/80, 5/10/94, revised and title changed 12/27/97. ***