Function of Job:

Under direction of designated supervisor or others in higher accounting classification who are responsible for the operation of an accounting installation, perform complex accounting, auditing, budgeting or other fiscal duties, which may include supervision of bookkeeping and/or accounting operations.

Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Prepare or supervise accurate and timely accounting reports/analyses on a complex account or large groups of accounts for various officials, sponsors, granting agencies, and accounting supervisors.
  2. Supervise or be responsible for the keeping of appropriation and other subsidiary ledgers, and determine proper classification of accounts for posting.
  3. Coordinate accounting activities with the appropriate departments and answer questions about status of accounts.
  4. Perform audit/verification of accounting controls and control ledgers.
  5. Authorize vouchers and/or checks and approve for payment.
  6. Examine and review transactions/expenditures, note any existing errors or discrepancies, and resolve with departments and/or sponsors.
  7. Exercise control over account balances by assuring reconciliation of various account balances with external sources of comparison.
  8. Oversee the preparation, distribution and processing of checks or warrants as assigned.
  9. Review discounts or deductions and related documentation.
  10. Examine monthly account or payroll statements/reports to verify compliance with applicable legal requirements and conditions specified by the funding source.
  11. Supervise the maintenance of files which support an account or payroll activity.
  12. Assist in formulating new procedures and recommend changes in accounting and/or auditing work.
  13. Contact students, vendors, staff members or others with financial relationships to solve accounting and/or payroll problems.
  14. Assist in the year-end closing of accounts and preparation of schedules for financial reports.
  15. Open and close new accounts within the guidelines established by the college/university.
  16. Supervise accountants, accounting clerks, and/or other support staff, as assigned, who may assist in an accounting operation.
  17. Perform other related duties, as assigned. 

Minimum Acceptable Qualifications: 

  1. University graduation with major in Accounting and four years of related experience.
  2. Knowledge of fund accounting.
  3. Computer skills as required by department and familiarity with a financial information system.

Additional Desirable Qualifications: 

  1. One or more years of related experience gained in a college/university business office.
  2. Experience in the institution to be served.                                                                         

System Approval:     10/11/04

Effective Date:     8/23/04 

This document is a generic classification specification of the University System of New Hampshire.  Its purpose is to describe the representative responsibilities and general level of complexity, and it is not a substitute for the specific job description of the individual position.

*** NOTE: Revised - original approved 10/1/75 and revised 5/16/78, 7/30/80, and 5/10/94. ***