Spring Semester: Wildcat Pass Required for all Faculty/Staff/Contractors working on-campus

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Effective January 25, 2021, a valid Wildcat Pass is required for every member of our community—faculty, staff and students—to be on any one of our campuses for any reason. It is a tool to ensure you are compliant and allow you to access campus (offices, labs, classrooms), participate in any campus event, access the dining halls, Hamel Rec and other campus facilities.

Please review the latest announcement regarding the requirements from Kate Ziemer, Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Kenneth Holmes, Senior Vice Provost for Student Life.

Review arrival and ongoing requirements for faculty, staff and contractors here.

REMINDER:  Employees working remotely are NOT required to have a Wildcat Pass.

What is Wildcat Pass?

The university created the Wildcat Pass tool to help members of its community keep track of their ongoing compliance status. If you are compliant, your Wildcat Pass will show a colorful symbol that fits the full screen of your mobile phone, computer or other electronic device. If you are not in compliance, you will receive a small text message instead of a full-screen symbol. That message lets you know what you need to do to become compliant. 

How do I access Wildcat Pass?

You can access Wildcat Pass at  https://covid-19.unh.edu/wildcatpass, via the UNH Mobile app or by selecting it as a task at https://my.unh.edu/.

To view more information about the Wildcat Pass, please visit:  https://www.unh.edu/coronavirus/faq and scroll down to the Wildcat Pass category at the bottom of the FAQ list.