Additional Curtailed Ops Info - Winter 2020/2021

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

How to record Curtailment in your Kronos/UKG Timecard - log in to Team Dynamix with UNH credentials to view instructions

Dear Colleagues,

Curtailed Operations may require some extra interpretation this year as many of us are now working remotely during this pandemic.  In addition to policy, here are some key points of clarity on what a curtailed operations notification means for the UNH workforce:

  • Curtailed Operations is all about ensuring safety (not work stoppage), as such on any day when a campus is closed because of a curtailed event the following guidance applies:
    • Both hourly and salaried staff should not report to work at campus locations (other than ‘Essential Staff’ – you should know who you are, if not ask your supervisor)
    • For those who currently work remotely, continue your remote work through the curtailment
    • If you are hourly paid and can’t complete a full day of work due to storm related issues (child care, storm damage, etc.) as required, please log the hours you do work - and for status hourly employees, submit a Curtailed Operations time off request in Kronos for the remainder of that particular daily schedule (see KRONOS job aid if needed).  Only status employees are eligible for curtailed operations pay.
      • In cases of internet/power outage at your home, please perform what work you can off line.
      •  Before the predicted storm or event occurs, it’s very helpful if you work with your supervisor to plan in advance by collecting items like readings, reviewing documents, special project assignments, other work documents that can be done without the use of electronic devices etc.
      • If you don’t have ‘off line work’ (or limited) or lack basic tools to work remotely and curtailed operations is declared, status employees will be paid via curtailed operations. Be sure to submit your Curtailed Operations time off request in Kronos before the close of the pay period.
    • If there was a pre-scheduled personal day off, the employee would keep that day as personal time.

*Please note that curtailed operations is campus based, as such Durham, Manchester and Concord all declare curtailed operations independently and you should adhere to the campus that ‘houses’ your normal work location.


Chris Clement
Chief Operating Officer and VP of Administration